OBE Reunion 2015 - September 26th






Reunion Logo200 former OBE staff members gathered for an evening of entertainment and reminiscing almost eighteen years after the dissolution of the Ottawa Board of Education. The organizing committee, so capably led by Bonnie Cheung, had a wonderful time planning the reunion and we hope all who attended enjoyed themselves.


Phrases heard often that evening were: "Remember when...."; "Seems like only yesterday..."; and "I can't believe it has been that long!"


The program brought us all back to the special events we witnessed and participated in as employees of the best board in Ontario. The video shown that evening, produced by Steve Moretti and Pat Holloway, reminded us of the many happy times we enjoyed back then as residents of the "kingdom called OBELand".


Paul Shuster captured some of the sights and sounds from the reunion in this slideshow which includes a clip of our own talented "Tragically Hip Replacements" and their musical interlude based on the Sound of Music.


Paul also took individual pictures of the reunion attendees which you can see in this slideshow.



The Importance of Old Friends

Friends come and go, but with a precious few we should hold on.
Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle,
because the older we get,
the more we need the people who knew us when we were young.


Marjorie Loughrey Artists in the Schools Program

The profits from the 50/50 draw and the silent auction will be donated to the Marjorie Loughrey Artists in the Schools Program.

Marjorie made a significant contribution to education through her years as an Ottawa School Board Trustee. She believed that an education in the arts was fundamental to the emotional, intellectual and social development of each child, and this conviction led her to play a lead role in establishing the Canterbury School of the Arts. The award in her memory funds an artist to work for one week each year withall the students in one of Ottawa’s inner city elementary schools.


The Education Foundation of Ottawa administers the annual award.


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