OBE Reunion 2015 - September 26th






Since our  third successful OBE reunion last September the reunion committee has held two "wrap-up" meetings, one in November and one in January.  The goal of the meetings was to finalize financial details, to evaluate the event, and to decide if another should be planned for 2015. (Minutes of both meetings are available here on our website.)

It was decided that another reunion would be planned for September 26th, 2015 


If you attended the last reunion, the pictures that were taken are now available for download in our website gallery.




A cheque for $ 4,000 was donated to the Ottawa Education Foundation Marjorie Loughrey Artists in the Schools Program specifically, to be disbursed to fund programs for inner-city schools. This represented the profits from our 2013 Reunion. Shown in the photo from left to right: Murray Sands, Bonnie Cheung, Chris McGarvey and Elda Allan.



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Minutes of Our
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April 4 , 2014
January 17 , 2014

November 22 , 2013